Nido Bed

  • Versatile design adapts to children of all ages while offering valuable storage
  • Initially fits a 90cm x 165cm mattress with three storage boxes along the end of the bed
  • Boxes can be positioned underneath or alongside the bed to allow a 190cm long mattress
  • Made from natural alder wood 
  • Features a high headboard and three white boxes varnished boxes

Dimensions: 196cm x  96cm x 112cm
Colour: Natural alder wood with white varnished boxes
Shipping: 4 parcels - 92x66x5cm (16kg), 100x75x11cm (16kg), 197x13x9cm (8,5kg), 30x27x37cm (8,5kg)

The bed is currently available only with high headboard. Mattress in not included. NIDO Bed Mattress can be purchased separately.


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