From pure lines and noble materials, the BIENVENIDA COLLECTION is the first result of our continuous research fro innovation. Natural wood and Tyvek® are the guides of this collection. Purity and freshness are the bases for this design inspiration.

Modern and with an unique imprint, the BIENVENIDA CRIB covers all needs from new-born up to five years old. Tyvek® Nests adapts easly as baby grows. Two included Tyvek® Basquests are ideal for the storage of any type of object.

 + 0 to 6 months: a first position with a Short Tyvek® Nest, is safe and practical.

+ 6 months up to 2 y-o: a second position with a long Tyvek® nest

+ 2 up to 5 y-o: In the third position, the Short Tyvek Nest transforms the crib into a toddler style bed. It gives freedom without losing security.

Materials: Alder Wood structure with non-toxic transparent matte lacquer. Nests are made of three sides laser cut Tyvek® and muslin. Inferior baskets are made of Tyvek® (includes).

Mattress is not included. NIDO BED WITH BOXES Mattress #3 and Mattress #4 can be purchased separately.

Shipping: 4 parcels - 92x66x5cm (16kg), 100x75x11cm (16kg), 197x13x9cm (8,5kg), 30x27x37cm (8,5kg)

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