Designed by a family for families, KRETHAUS is a partnership founded on the expertise of two sisters. Headquartered Buenos Aires, Argentina, architect Karina Kreth oversees design as Creative Director while Vanessa Kreth steers the brand as Commercial Director.

Combining practicality with character, each KRETHAUS piece is intended to provide enjoyment and fulfilment and is designed for the family. From calming cot beds, to inspiring desks each item asserts a natural sensibility within its surroundings.

Founding Partners


Karina Kreth | Creative Director

Karina Kreth is an Argentinian architect, art director and founder of Estudio Karina Kreth and KRETHAUS. A new simplicity.

She explores the boundaries of the handcraft work and the industrial production.

All over her work Karina tries to match the value of the artisan exploration and the possibilities of industrial reproduction in order to guarantee quality, security and market accessibility looking for uniqueness in experience.

She started KRETHAUS alone with her sister, founded on the desire to reach a voice to extend age and gender issues.

Karina strongly believes that, beside any impediment, it is possible to fulfil the professional calling by working side to side with others.

Team work, and collaboration are the basis of the design process all over her projects.

Design methodology: Research. Nothing is taken for granted. Experience and formal knowledge are the basis of the workshop method.

Carpenters, artists, architects, industrial designer and history researchers are part of Karina Kreth ́s team.

Historical and theoretical background: Each design scene reveals that historical and cultural approximations are the way to find out the real issues of our time.

Karina Kreth inquire into boundaries of theory and practice, mixing their expertise in business and academic worlds.


Vanesa Kreth | Commercial Director

Vanesa started KRETHAUS with her sister, founded on the objective of have a brand associated with quality, design and adaptation for the whole family.

KRETHAUS started as a novel proposal, taking the design to the smallest, proposing from the beginning the design to all corners of the home.

With expertise in international relations and a doctorate in law, Vanesa Kreth brings a wealth of invaluable business knowledge to KRETHAUS.

Responsible for overseeing the company’s strategy, as well as managing contracts and finances, she joins forces with external consultants to maximise the potential of the business.

After conquering the local market, KRETHAUS positioned itself in Europe as a reliable brand, aimed at caring for the environment and the youngest of the family.

KRETHAUS is opening its doors in several markets thanks to its trajectory and vanguard designs, making an integral proposal

On a personal level to Vanesa this journey brought many lessons that made her feel encouraged to get fully involved in the business, putting her fundamental values of responsibility and dedication above all. Today her role is to the manage the business in general and to develop new markets.